Real Estate Agent Salary: How Much Do You Make As A Real Estate Agent?

If you watch too many episodes of Millionaire Dollar Listing, you may be thinking real estate agents make a lot of money. Is this true? In this post, we break down how real estate agents make money and how much money real estate agents make. How Do Real Estate Agents Get Paid? In most cases, … Read more

Real Estate Math Formulas: Calculating Transfer Taxes

The math portion of your real estate licensing exam may ask you to calculate the transfer taxes for a sale. In almost all real estate transactions, buyers and sellers must pay taxes to their local counties for every property sale. For buyers, this is often called the recordation tax. For sellers, this is often called … Read more

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What Happens If My Property Doesn’t Appraise?

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Real Estate Math Problem – Proration on HUD-1

One of the most confusing types of real estate math problem you will encounter is determining what portion of expenses the seller and buyer owes. While most of these calculations are taken care of by the settlement company, it is a good idea for any real estate agent to know how it is calculated. Most … Read more

Real Estate Math Problem – Will the Abrams qualify for a loan?

Check out our latest “Math in a Minute” video – Quick real estate math examples with complete solutions explained. In this episode, we will calculate Debt-To-Income (DTI) ratios that banks will typically look at before determining how much a buyer can afford on a loan.